Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Day Away from Tomorrow

I recently heard a sermon about finding "peace in the midst of the storm." Of course, church attendance is not something normally included in my regular agenda – at least not as of late. However, during the sermon the preacher made the statement that "the current is not permanent." I've been giving it some thought and, as simple as it is, it is absolutely the truth (anyone else find the simple things to be the hardest to grasp?).

Aside from death, I can think of no other situation or experience that is inevitably permanent. Some would argue, from a religious perspective, that even death is not permanent. Regardless, situations and experiences that do birth undesirable outcomes are not fundamentally authoritarian. That is unless we give them the power to be. Even experiences that bring deep and seemingly anchored pain are ultimately very superficial. As suppressed as it may be while having a stare down with today, the potential for a tomorrow is always there.

Does this imply that your tomorrow will predictably eradicate the effects of yesterday? Probably not. But the very existence of a tomorrow implies change. And, as scary as change may seem, its reality should actually provide strength, determination and encouragement.

So, it is with a certain amount of hesitation but with concession nonetheless, that I will attempt to practice this simple yet profound philosophy. Who ever thought little orphan Annie to be a philosopher? Your tomorrow is only a day away.